Super Secret Kindness Mission

our first official mission was a success…

date : sunday, jan. 16th (mlk weekend)

location : riverside, ca

mobilized : 9 people in 2 teams, 2 cars, , 100+ chrysanthemum flowers with inspiring quote cards, $20 used to pay it forward at various drive-thrus, & a whole lot of generosity

debrief from some of the mission participants :

On Sunday, January 16th, a group of us went on a kindness/generosity mission. We hit up four places: the nursing home, the mall, a Starbucks drive thru, and a few houses. It was pretty fun. At the nursing home we gave flowers to the workers and the elderly. At the mall we gave flowers to random people and someone even gave one to the mall security! At the Starbucks drive thru we waited a while to get the car behind us (a little) mad and then we bought something, gave three flowers to the cashier, one for her to keep and two more for the cars behind us, and then paid for the car behind us. When we hit up the houses, we did “ding dong ditch.” When we got to a house we got a small bouquet of flowers, put it down at the doorstep, and rung the doorbell. We then ran as fast as we could, jumped in the car, and turned around to see their reaction. It was so hilarious. Our kindness/generosity mission was a big success, even though a couple of people rejected us because they thought we were trying to sell them something.

~by Hubert aka Muninda [added on 2-13-2011]


Picture this: in a nursing home, in a mall, at a drive-thru, flowers are given by strangers to strangers. They probably won’t see each other again, but smiles are exchanged. Eyes brighten up. Brief connections are made. A moment of happiness is shared. Some refuse, but are visibly touched by the offer. Some are puzzled. And some just make you realize that giving isn’t just being good to others; it’s also being good to yourself. So give!

~by Thierry aka Mahapanya


Having heard about last week’s mini-mission, I was quite excited to be part of today’s “super secret mission”. Taking the time to prepare the flowers made the action of giving special. Being kind came from our hearts. On the way to our first stop I could feel the excitement of the group. At the nursing home I was nervous. I didn’t want to bother people and I was a bit afraid of their reactions. Passing out flowers to the elderly ended up being easier than I thought it would be. At the mall the atmosphere was different. It was much easier to give to women and workers. Seeing someone’s smile as we give them a flower made us happy. The drive-thrus and the ding dong ditches was something else because we didn’t interact directly with the people. Our acts of kindness were anonymous therefore they could have come from anyone. I think it is a great way to spread love and kindness. Today was amazing, today was a roller coaster of emotions.

~by Chris aka Ariyacitta


In this society, giving gifts to strangers can make people quite suspicious. However, after going on this kindness mission, it’s a mystery why there isn’t more of these little acts of generosity happening. It was exciting “arming” ourselves with flowers attached to inspiring quotes and giving them out in various ways, such as drive-bys, drive-thrus, simply passing them out, and my personal favorite, ding dong ditches.

~by Pasadyne aka Panyavimutta


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  1. binh
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 17:15:29

    man this is awesome. keep up the good work!


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