Apologies Accepted

An apology, whether sincere or insincere, is only the first step towards the repair process.


To summarize the article, an apology is always highly expected for any type of wrong-doing and as its expectancy rate increases, its value decreases.

Saying sorry isn’t completely worthless, but following up that apology with an act of kindness wouldn’t hurt either now would it?

The next time you apologize for something, whether you were accountable for it or not, try writing them a friendly and good hearted note, or even just giving them a smile every time you cross paths. This in turn will spread like wild fire and sooner or later, the whole entire world will be filled with billions of acts of kindness, creating a never ending happiness for humanity.

~by Sunbrye aka Jayanta


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  1. ST
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 09:27:34

    Thanks for your thought-provoking and inspiring post SL. I really appreciate your emphasis on practicing kindness as a follow-up to an apology. Often we think that the mere act of apologizing is enough, and even then it’s hard for most of us to apologize in the first place. But the act of apologizing can also be so powerful, because it not only acknowledges that we aren’t always “right” and the other person isn’t always “wrong”, it can also highlight that being “right” isn’t nearly as important as being HAPPY. I’ve been learning the hard way that insisting on being right all the time is a big obstacle to being happy! Acknowledging our responsibility in whatever happens is thus not sufficient, but it is a first big step towards happiness and PEACE. And kindness sure does go a long way in this area. Thanks again for sharing this.


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