How Are You Doing?

A common answer to a common question. However, is “fine” the real answer to this simple question?

There were many days when “fine” was my answer, but I was just putting on a mask in order to protect myself from feeling vulnerable or to protect my friends from worrying. I’ve learned that if there was enough pressure that was placed upon this mask it would break and the world would come crashing down.

So how can I to keep the mask from breaking…no better yet how can I toss that mask away, get rid of the suffering and to say fine truthfully? The first step, I believe, is to catch the sneaky defilement causing my troubles, whether it is greed, aversion, ignorance, or even a mixture of all three. If it is caught early then it can be dealt with before the suffering starts.

For example, I’m full from a feast but there is a delicious-looking chocolate chip cookie on the table that is calling out,”you know you want to eat me :]” At this point I need to realize that it is not the cookie that is calling out to me but greed. If I go with greed I would have a minute of happiness, but hours of weariness and chances of a stomach ache. Hmm, should I listen to it?

~ Pasadyne



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ST
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 19:08:31

    Once again, another great post from you Pas. So young and so talented and wise. The cookie example is a perfect example of the defilements in action. And you’re right, it’s not the cookie in the outside world calling out to you, it’s the GREED inside the mind. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating and sharing this.

    And thanks T, for taking the time to write such thoughtful and insightful comments for the YWP family.


  2. T
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 14:36:22

    But the purple monster looks so friendly… I believe that sometimes, talking about what frustrates or makes you sad, can really help getting past the bad feelings. “Getting it out”, as they say…

    As for listening to the cookie, and short vs long term happiness, here’s a related comic:


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